This blog is for WatchFreaks updated by WatchFreaks. Here we share our passion for wrist watches. If you wish to contribute or want to be an editior, please send us a message: info [at] WatchFreaksBlog.com.



Alon is a WatchFreak since he is a kid and has the luck to make a profession out of his passion. Today, he is the CEO of Ace Jewelers Group in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He set up this blog, because on the blog of Ace Jewelers he only writes about the brands that are actually officially sold in the outlets of Ace Jewelers Group; and in this blog he writes as a private person that is crazy about watches.

00/24 WatchWorld Team

Harry Wijnschenk

The editors of the high-end watch magazines 00/24 Horloges, 00/24 WatchWorld UK and 00/24 WatchWorld Scandinavia are official authors on the WatchFreaks Blog. All the editors are WatchFreaks themselves and the captain of the team is Harry Wijnschenk, a passionate publisher and huge WatchFreak. They also created digital editions of 00/24 Horloges and 00/24 WatchWorld UK which can be read on your pc, Mac or iPad! They offer this service through their partner Zinio, the largest online newsstand in the world.


Robert-Jan Broer

Robert-Jan Broer, born on the 13th of April 1977 in Enschede/The Netherlands. He has always been interested in wristwatches, and his first watch was a small boysized handwound watch. After his share of Casios and Swatches, he received his first Omega when he turned 21 years old. That is the reason he started the website Omega-Addict.com. Because his passion for watches grew, he also started a blog about watches, named after his family name (means brother in Dutch): FratelloWatches.com.


The Blogger

Cliff Chan is a true cosmopolite with a Cantonese background, raised in Amsterdam and lived in different continents. Besides a great passion for haute cuisine, he has a great passion for haute horlogerie. He joined the WatchFreaks Blog Team to share his passion about watches with his fress style of writing. He shares his views about his other passions on his personal blog: http://cliffchan.wordpress.com.

TheTimeTV Team


Founded in 2006, TheTimeTV.com is the first dedicated WebTV focused on showcasing the world of luxury watches. Since 2008 they are authors (& TV producers) of WatchFreaks Blog. TheTimeTV is the first themed television channel for Watchmaking enthusiasts and professionals. TheTimeTv covers the latest Watchmaking industry news through exclusive reports and interviews about new products, interviews, events and other insights.

13 Responses to “About”

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    Thank you so much for your time and attention,

    Grace Acosta


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