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It has been a while [understatement ;)] since we posted here, but we have been busy on many other platforms. The usual suspects are: facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, tumblr, pinterest and a bit of Google+. Recently we added Snapchat, Periscope, Vine and several other platforms to our media output. Obviously together with had the majority of our attention… But, our love for watches is bigger than just the brands we officially represent, so we launched a new start-up together with our friends of

So, what is WatchBase?
Good question. But an even better question is: “What is WatchBase going to be? Well, here’s the plan:
WatchBase is going to be the ultimate online watch database, the go-to site for finding full details on any watch, with a focus on high-end mechanical watches.

And with full details, we mean FULL details.
Here’s an example details page for the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Apollo 11 40th Anniversary. Description, images, production years, limited edition info, dimensions, full specs about the case and the details. Plus all properties for the caliber used. An ambitious plan, we admit. But the WatchBase team is ready for it!

Want to know more about WatchBase, please visit the WatchBase About Page.

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2 Responses to “WatchBase – The ultimate watch database”

  1. Mariusz Nowak Says:

    Congratulations, very good idea! There’re couple similar websites, trying to build the knowledge about watches:

  2. John Says:

    This is nice we have collection of watches in one site, all the best for you initiative keep going

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