WatchFreaks Blog Team is growing


In a short time, we received many responses and feedback. We are proud to welcome the third author on this blog, Robert-Jan Broer, the owner and writer of the following leading watch blogs:


We met a while ago digitally and last week face-to-face, and we had the same WatchFreak vibe, so we decided to join forces. Please stay tuned for the posts of RJ at

Robert-Jan Broer


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4 Responses to “WatchFreaks Blog Team is growing”

  1. Robert-Jan Says:

    Thanks for introducing me Alon. I will add some content very soon!


  2. alonbj Says:

    Dear Robert,

    you are more than welcome, we are proud that you joined our team. Happy Bloggin’ 😉

  3. Speedmaster Says:

    Good article and blog, glad I found it.

  4. How to make money online Says:

    How to make money online

    WatchFreaks Blog Team is growing | WatchFreaks

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