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BaselWorld 2010 Preview: Itay Noy Watches

March 12, 2010

It will be the first time that Itay Noy will be exhibiting his wonderful artisan watches at BaselWorld this year. Make sure not to miss his stand, he will personally be at Hall 5.1 Stand V06.

As you know I was blown away when I found about Itay Noy and his watches when I read an article about him in the in-flight magazine flying from Amsterdam to Tel Aviv 🙂 Click here to read the article I wrote back in 2008.

Today I had the honor to have a sneak preview of the newest models designed and produced by Itay Noy and ofcourse he authorized us to publize them here, a true WatchFreaks premier:

Itay Noy ID Classic

All new case - Itay Noy ID Classic

Itay Noy ID Classic side view

Side view of the all new Itay Noy Classic ID Watch

Itay Noy Watch Max

New Itay Noy Watch (42,3mm Automatic)

Itay Noy 2010 watch

New Itay Noy Watch (New case and Automatic movement)

Itay Noy ID Japan Watch

ID Collection by Itay Noy - Japan Edition

 The last watch is the Japan Edition of the all new ID Collection by Itay Noy. He told me that the ID Collection will be available in Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic and Greek (and probably some more languages).

I can’t wait to see them in real life. As of Thursday 18 March 2010 they will be on display during BaselWorld at Hall 5.1 Stand V06. For an overview of the current collection of Itay Noy you can visit the official website ( or the Ace Jewelers eBoutique (


BaselWorld 2009 Update: Itay Noy Watches

March 29, 2009

Today I arrived in Basel and started the infamous trade fair visit with a dinner with a true artisan: Itay Noy. The watch maker of exclusive and hand made watches bearing his own name “Itay Noy”.

WFB first wrote about Itay Noy about a year ago: “Switzerland: The Holy Land?” and then I wrote that I tried that we would interview Itay Noy. Tonight was an informal dinner, but Itay promised to do a Q&A exclusively for WatchFreaks Blog. To be continued.

Same background info:

Internationally-acclaimed Israeli artist Itay Noy transforms telling time into a true art form. Each of his hand crafted, limited edition timepieces is made exclusively in Israel and appeals to those seeking unusual, high-quality watches. The recipient of eight prizes, including the prestigious Andrea M. Bronfman Prize in 2007, Noy lectures on timepiece design at Bezalel in Jerusalem. His work has been exhibited in museums all over the world and acquired by the Charles Bronfman Collection in New York, The Droog Design in Amsterdam, The Israel Museum in Jerusalem and The Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Each timepiece tells a story in time — from broken dimensions in the Fractal collection to simultaneous dichotomy in Duality and elusive cityscapes in City Squares. Noy’s timepieces satisfy the desire for a sublime mixture of unique design and functional perfection. Ace Jewelers is proud to be the sole and exclusive retailer of Itay Noy Timepieces in Europe!

Hereby some snap shots of the items we examined and adored over dinner (sorry for the poor lighting):

Itay Noy Fractal & City Squares

Itay Noy Duality Limited Edition Watch

Itay Noy: The name says all – Duality (the timepiece has two watches)

Itay Noy hommage to the greatest squares in major cities… Guess which one this is 🙂 HINT

Itay Noy: Discrete Bling Bling – Black Diamonds (unisex model)

For an overview of the complete collection of Itay Noy, please visit the official website of the watchmaker: or the reseller of his timepieces in Europe: (yes, as the CEO of Ace Jewelers, I am proud to announce that because of WFB, we became an AD of these unique watches 🙂 ).

Switzerland: The Holy Land?

July 20, 2008

Is Switzerland the holy land for watches and WatchFreaks? Many will agree with me, that this is the case. Especially for Haute Horlogerie. But, what about watches from The Holy Land?

Many will also agree with me that The Holy Land is the region that is now Israel, but this blog is absolutely not reserved for political views, for this reason we will name the region between the Red Sea, Libanon, Jordan and Egypt, The Holy Land, with Jerusalem as the capital.

My roots lie back to The Holy Land and therefore since my childhood I always wondered if watches have been produced or designed in The Holy Land. As far as I knew, the answer to this question was “no”! I write, was, because last month I learned the answer is YES! On a business trip to Tel Aviv I read an article in the In-Flight Magazine “Atmosphere” of El Al that since couple of year Israel has it’s own watch designer and creator! Itay Noy (1972), Israeli born (, designs watches since the year 2000.

Tali Meron writes in the article “Philosopher of Time”: “Itay Noy’s watch designs open up a world of philosophical musings on the significance of time and its place in our lives.” She continues: “Itay Noy uses the philosophical concepts of time to design his watches. Itay was first exposed to the world of timepieces working at a watch shop in Tel Aviv after finishing the army. From there he decided to study jewelry making at Bezalel Academy, planning to specialize in watch making. … He later earned his Masters in Industrial Design in Holland, and his highly successful final project there was purchased by the famous Droog Design Company.”

Itay Noy

Itay Noy

As a WatchFreak you can imagine how I excited I was after reading this article twice! Not only was I bummed out that I did not have an internet connection available to view the collection of watches Itay Noy created, but more importantly, I wanted to find an address where I could see them in real life. But what annoyed me even more, is that I was 8 years ‘late’ with finding out that there was an Israeli watch creator… A watch creator that has studied in my home country… AND has sold a design to a revolutionary group of designer that have an amazing store/showroom in the heart of Amsterdam, that I often visit!

Unfortunately I did not see his watches. I went for a short trip and was busy with work. On top of that I got ‘distracted’ by the amazing things the city Tel Aviv has to offer. Of course, I ripped out the interview and stored it in my notebook. I knew that I would see it when I got back home and I wold set out my journey to find out more about Itay Noy. Unfortunately it took me until today to sit down and start my quest and in my excitement I decided to share this discovery with all of you on this blog.

While writing this post, I decided I will contact Itay Noy to ask him if we, WatchFreaks Blog, can interview him. I will be in Tel Aviv again next month and will see if it is possible to meet.

Itay Noy Watch

Itay Noy Watch

In the mean time, please visit his official website:

He also had a very interesting exhibition last year, named “A Second Second”. The official website is available at:

Please share you opinion about Itay Noy’s designs in the mean time and I will follow up as soon as I had contact with Itay Noy.