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BaselWorld 2010 Preview: Itay Noy Watches

March 12, 2010

It will be the first time that Itay Noy will be exhibiting his wonderful artisan watches at BaselWorld this year. Make sure not to miss his stand, he will personally be at Hall 5.1 Stand V06.

As you know I was blown away when I found about Itay Noy and his watches when I read an article about him in the in-flight magazine flying from Amsterdam to Tel Aviv 🙂 Click here to read the article I wrote back in 2008.

Today I had the honor to have a sneak preview of the newest models designed and produced by Itay Noy and ofcourse he authorized us to publize them here, a true WatchFreaks premier:

Itay Noy ID Classic

All new case - Itay Noy ID Classic

Itay Noy ID Classic side view

Side view of the all new Itay Noy Classic ID Watch

Itay Noy Watch Max

New Itay Noy Watch (42,3mm Automatic)

Itay Noy 2010 watch

New Itay Noy Watch (New case and Automatic movement)

Itay Noy ID Japan Watch

ID Collection by Itay Noy - Japan Edition

 The last watch is the Japan Edition of the all new ID Collection by Itay Noy. He told me that the ID Collection will be available in Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic and Greek (and probably some more languages).

I can’t wait to see them in real life. As of Thursday 18 March 2010 they will be on display during BaselWorld at Hall 5.1 Stand V06. For an overview of the current collection of Itay Noy you can visit the official website ( or the Ace Jewelers eBoutique (


BaselWorld 2009 Update: Personalisation (Last Day)

April 1, 2009

Today was my last day at the Basel Trade Fair and was originally planned for jewelry visits in Hall 2. The hardcore watch fans know that they should not be stucked in Hall 1, 3 and 5. Hall 2, officially the high-end jewelry hall, also has some ‘pearl’ watch brands present there.

Since it was our last day I did not have much time to take pictures, but I do want to share this picture quickly:

One of these pearls in hall 2 is Scalfaro. Therefore, I did make some time to visit my friend Dominik Kunhle, who founded Scalfaro with his brother 7 years ago. They are born and raised in Germany and part of a jewelry maker family. The Kunhle Brothers are great WatchFreaks and in 2002 they started to turn their dreams into reality. Every since, the do not only create interesting designs, but actually manufacture 70% of all the components themselves in their factory in Switzerland.

Unfortunately we did not have a lot of time to sit down relaxed and take that many pictures. But there is something that struck me as off during this fair: the lack of options provided by the watch manufacturers for watch owners to personalize their watches. I personally believe that this is the future (or actually back to the roots) of high-end watchmaking! I salute Vacheron Constatin with the introduction of the Quai de L’Ile collection about year and a half ago. My personal dream is also to design and manufacture a mechanical watch one day. With my family we made the first steps and have a prototype of a case ready, but even I underestimated how much work it takes to get things done. So, I know why high-end watch brands are NOT eager to make custom made watches.

My questions to you, my fellow WatchFreaks:

1. Did you have the need to have your watch personalized?

2. If so, what would you like to personalize? Dial, Case, name on movement, complete model, etc?

3. How much more would you be willing to spend (percentage) to get this done?

I hope that I do not ask to many questions, any input is appreciated.

BaselWorld 2009 Update: Snapshots Omega, Graham, Oris, Hamilton, TAG Heuer, etc

March 31, 2009

It was another amazing day, filled with watches. We visited Halls 1, 3 and 4 today. The day started at Ebel revising the watches dedicated to soccer:

Ebel Limited Edition AFC AJAX (150 pcs)

Ebel Real Madrid Tekton (Bezel is made of sapphire glass, instead or rubber).

Going from soccer into another sport, Graham dedicated its passion for racing:

Graham GMT Flyback Chrono Racing

What do you think of the infamous ChronoFighter models by Graham?

Graham ChronoFighter

Graham ChronoFighter

Graham ChronoFighter

Not only Graham loves racing, the brand that has the most racing DNA of all, is Heuer! I already wrote that I feel it is a year of ‘going back to the basics’. They also went back to their roots and honoured the 40th anniversary of the Heuer Monoca:

A replica of the first Monaco, they kept it as close as possible to the original ‘Heuer Monaco 1969’. What I really liked is that they used the old Heuer logo and not the most recent TAG Heuer logo on the dial, case back and folding clasp.

Back-side of Heuer Monaco 1969 re-edition (original calibre 11).

Modern interpetation of the TAG Heuer Monaco, available from summer 2009!

TAG Heuer Grande Carrera Calibre 36

Yesterday we did not have time to finish our meeting at Hamilton and went back today. This color really cought my eye:

New Hamilton ETO in unique colour: GunGrey!

New Hamilton strap: Leather or rubber? Yes… It is a rubber strap with a alligator print! Cool, no?!

Modern (?!) interpetation of classic Pilots watches…

Talking about re-editions and vintage models, one of the most legendary diving watches in the Omega collection is the Seamaster PloProf:

Omega Ploprof 2009

Sideview of the Omega PloProf

Omega Seamaster PloProf on my wrist (sorry for the blurry image).

With a matching folding clasp!

Going from legendary diving watch, to a very interesting diving watch made by Oris. The talking piece of Oris in 51mm (who says big is over?!):

New Oris Diver Chrono 1000m with VERY special bezel…

Oris Diver 2009: You have to lift the outer bezel vertically and only then can you spin the CERAMIC diving bezel. The chrono is 100 bar waterproof.

Tomorrow is my last day in Basel… Already bugged out that I will not have time to see everything that I planned on seeing… One week of Watch Magic is simply NOT enough :s

BaselWorld 2009 Update: Snapshots Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breitling, Hamilton, Longines, etc

March 30, 2009

Most of the visitor of BaselWorld start in the impressive Hall 1.0 and you can not pass this hall without stoping at Rolex and Patek Philippe! Hereby some snapshot (my apologies for the poor quality).

I was not impressed with all the novelties this year. It seems a year of ‘going back to your roots’. Although everyone expected that it would be a quite fair, it was rather busy (visitors) and many brands still sounded positive…

Last year Rolex ‘rocked’ the fair with the introduction of The Dipsy, but this year I was not impressed AT ALL! It seems a year of flowers… Yes! Flowers. Check the dial:

Midsize Rolex Oyster with floral pattern on dial…

I did not take the effort to make a picture of the new bi-color submariners… We all know how the look like 😉

At Patek it also seemed like a ladies year… Focus was on the PP Seal and relaunch of midsize Nautilus models in precious metals with diamonds.

Patek Philippe Nautilus mid size

The platinum version is one of my favourite PPs, but I have to admit this gold version looks amazing!

PP walked away from the legendary Geneva Seal and introduced the Patek Philippe Seal.

We met an unique watchmaker that designed many amazing movements for the grand brands, still does, but also started his own brand:

Marc Alfieri Tourbillon GMT Watch

Ulysse Nardin knows what ‘freaky’ watches are, but they also started making cellular phones. Robert-Jan presented the back of the phone with a mechanical movement here couple of weeks ago, here is the front of the ‘Chairman’:

It is still unknown what the exact retail price will be…

Breitling proudly presented the new Chronomat models with the manufacture B01 movement:

Breitling Chronomat 2009

And, for their 125th anniversary this year, the created a limited edition Navitimer:

Breitling Navitimer 125th Anniversaire – Limited to 2009 pieces.

Seiko is 120+ old manufacture that also went back to their roots. The new Seiko “Ananta” collection does not only present new hybrid Spring Drive movements, but also manufacture automatic movements inspired by the original Samuari swords:

All new Seiko Ananta Automatic Chronograph

All new Seiko Ananta Automatic Power Reserve Hamilton slightly went back to their roots too, by launching the Automatic version of the Ventura (see our post about this watch)… But they are looking WAY ahead in the future, check these amazing new designs:

Hamilton ODC X–02 (front view)

Hamilton ODC X–02 (side view)

But this is not all, this is also a revolutionairy watch:

Hamilton Khaki BASE jump watches

Yes, you simply activate and reset the chrono by turning the bezel!

Also Longines went back to their roots and brought back some legandary watches, we are rather keen of this one:

Longines RAF WWW replica (see original here)

RAF Military www watch. 38,50mm with reference L2.731.4.53.1!

Last year Longines re-introduced the Legend Divers, this year they added a version with a date.

Longines Silver Shadow replica

We were very curious to see the newest family of Rado’s by Jasper Morrison:

Rado by Jasper Morrison

Tomorrow more news from BaselWorld! Stay tuned.

BaselWorld 2009 Update: Itay Noy Watches

March 29, 2009

Today I arrived in Basel and started the infamous trade fair visit with a dinner with a true artisan: Itay Noy. The watch maker of exclusive and hand made watches bearing his own name “Itay Noy”.

WFB first wrote about Itay Noy about a year ago: “Switzerland: The Holy Land?” and then I wrote that I tried that we would interview Itay Noy. Tonight was an informal dinner, but Itay promised to do a Q&A exclusively for WatchFreaks Blog. To be continued.

Same background info:

Internationally-acclaimed Israeli artist Itay Noy transforms telling time into a true art form. Each of his hand crafted, limited edition timepieces is made exclusively in Israel and appeals to those seeking unusual, high-quality watches. The recipient of eight prizes, including the prestigious Andrea M. Bronfman Prize in 2007, Noy lectures on timepiece design at Bezalel in Jerusalem. His work has been exhibited in museums all over the world and acquired by the Charles Bronfman Collection in New York, The Droog Design in Amsterdam, The Israel Museum in Jerusalem and The Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Each timepiece tells a story in time — from broken dimensions in the Fractal collection to simultaneous dichotomy in Duality and elusive cityscapes in City Squares. Noy’s timepieces satisfy the desire for a sublime mixture of unique design and functional perfection. Ace Jewelers is proud to be the sole and exclusive retailer of Itay Noy Timepieces in Europe!

Hereby some snap shots of the items we examined and adored over dinner (sorry for the poor lighting):

Itay Noy Fractal & City Squares

Itay Noy Duality Limited Edition Watch

Itay Noy: The name says all – Duality (the timepiece has two watches)

Itay Noy hommage to the greatest squares in major cities… Guess which one this is 🙂 HINT

Itay Noy: Discrete Bling Bling – Black Diamonds (unisex model)

For an overview of the complete collection of Itay Noy, please visit the official website of the watchmaker: or the reseller of his timepieces in Europe: (yes, as the CEO of Ace Jewelers, I am proud to announce that because of WFB, we became an AD of these unique watches 🙂 ).

Ulysse Nardin’s Chairman hybrid smart phone

March 9, 2009

Since a few days, Ulysse Nardin is spreading a few sneak preview pictures on their latest invention.. the cell phone for the guy (or Chairman) who has everything already! Their ‘Chairman’ cell phone  is a green machine, getting its energy from a mechanical (kinetic) source.

There is nothing more I can say about it actually, except that I am very anxious to see the final version of this ultimate luxury phone. Ulysee Nardin will introduce their Chairman on the BaselWorld fair at the Hall of dreams, hall 1.0 stand A05. The official UN-Cells website doesn’t reveal a thing about their smart phone with (mechanical) watch DNA.

As you can see on the picture below, there will be only 1846 pieces of this cell phone, referring to the year in which Ulysse Nardin was founded.

Will it be as good as RIM’s BlackBerry? Or Apple’s iPhone? Or as well crafted as Vertu’s phones? Let’s see and wait, [about] two weeks to go…

Design & Originality – The Game (Watches from BaselWorld & SIHH 2008)

April 15, 2008

Whenever I visit and/or am confronted with new designs (of any kind), I automatically (like probably many people) start to cross reference the new image I am confronted with and try to associate it with the ‘image bank’ in my mind…. Subconsciously most of us cross reference the new image we are confronted with at that moment, with the ‘things’ we already know… I wanted to set-up a (new) game on this blog, hereby the simple rule:

Please respond to this blog posting by filling in the numbers of the pictures with a brand/model of which the watch on the picture reminds you! I will not mention the name/model of the watch on the picture. Of course there will be some pictures of watches that are ‘original’ 😉

Let the games begin:

1. The watch on the top?
The Game Photo 1

2. Does this remind you of any other watch?
The Game Photo 2

3. Is this original or inspired by ………. ?
The Game Photo 3

4. New watch, but is it a new design?
The Game Photo 4

5. Let’s not forget the ladies watches…
The Game Photo 5

6. This reminds the 1960s, does it?!
The Game Photo 6

7. Military Watch or Urban Style?!
The Game Photo 7

8. Not many brands make rectangular watches… Right?!
The Game Photo 8

9. Is this original, Inspired by or plain copy?
The Game Photo 9

10. The name shouts out DESIGN, but is this watch design original?
The Game Photo 10

11. Pimp your watch (Click & Combine):
The Game Photo 11

12. New design… Is it original?
The Game Photo 12

13. Octant-like case…
The Game Photo 13

14. Are these diamonds or Swarovski?
The Game Photo 14

15. Haute Horlogerie or Fashion Watch?
The Game Photo 15

16. Tourbillon, Tourbillon Look-a-Like, Tourbillon Inspired, Tourbillon Wannabe or Original?
The Game Photo 16

17. What make is this?
The Game Photo 17

18. Don’t look at the pillow, but the concept of the watch…
The Game Photo 18

19. New player on the market… Are they original? And is this ‘design’?
The Game Photo 19

20. Last, but certainly not least: Original or not?
The Game Photo 20

Please share you opinion by playing this game. Because I do not want to influence opinions, I will go last….

Update BaselWorld 2008: Fashion

April 9, 2008

Today was my fourth day in Basel and my last day on the fair. The day was completely filled with meetings with jewelry manufacturars and we ended the day with the finalization of the packaging of the Ace Watch (for updates, keep track of Before we started in Hall 2.0, we did a quick round in Hall 5.0 to see what is happening in the Fashion sector of the watch industry. In this post I will show some pictures of the booths (maybe fun to see if you never have visited BaselWorld) and in the second part some fashion watches (we wrote an article about what watches should or shouldn’t be labeled as fashion: “Couture Watches vs. Fashion Watches“. In this post I name the watches that are designed by fashion houses and produced for the price range that people should wear them as fashion accessories (buy a new one every year), fashion watches.

1. Fashion Booths in Hall 5.0:

In my opinion the most successful stand in Basel is the one of Patek Philippe, but if we look at the stands of fashion watches, the stand of D&G won by far (in my opinion):

D&G: One moment the stand is completely blue-ish…

The next moment the complete stand is red!

Guess believes sex sells…

And Breil doesn’t (anymore… Remember the commercials?!)

Dior thinks: J’adore Montres!

Hermes is understated elegance.

Ferregamo started making watches too…

… And, Moschino finds itself “Cheap & Chic”!

2. Fashion watches presented in Hall 5.0:



Sector: Is it a fashion brand?! (Sorry for the bad picture & reflection).

Valentino: Like Gucci made a complete black watch for ladies!

Tomorrow I am off to Geneva to visit the SIHH. Stay tuned for a report of all the Richemont brands plus AP, GP and Parmigiani.

Update BaselWorld 2008: Trends Confirmed

April 8, 2008

Today was my second day at the trade show and I wrote a post about the following brands on

– Ebel
– George Jensen
– Oris
– Gucci
– Hamilton
– Omega
– Breitling
– Breitling for Bentley
– Maurice Lacroix
– TAG Heuer (phones)

Yesterday I wrote about what I believe the trends for 2008 are:

1. Diamonded watches for ladies AND men are STILL hot, hereby AGAIN confirmed:

Ebel Beluga
Ebel Beluga

Gucci Chiodo
Gucci Chiodo

2. Big is still the trends, we thought that 46mm is large, well it got confirmed AGAIN:

Breitling Chrono-matic 49
We keep on benchmarking against the IWC Big Pilot of my father, here the 49mm Breitling Chrono-matic 49.

Hamilton Code Breaker
The crazy rectangular Hamilton Code Breaker of 48,5mm.

3. Black cases are still very trendy, black PVD on steel or titanium or ceramic. Another trend confirmed:

Gucci Signoria Black
Gucci Signoria newest update: COMPLETE BLACK CASES & STRAPS FOR LADIES!

Hamilton has many black cases in the collection!

4. Pink Gold is here to stay (it was in the 1920s and the 1950s). This is again confirmed in the 21st century:

Omega Museum Watch
The Eighth Omega Museum Watch in Pink Gold (Limited Edition).

5. HiMech = HiTech Mechanical Watches and up and coming, this was confirmed today by many brands:

Ebel Trekton Skeleton
Ebel Trekton Skeleton

Oris BC4 Side
A side view of the Oris BC4 Chronograph Automatic.

Hamilton X-copter Side
A side view of the Hamilton X-copter.

The year 2008 seems to be another amazing watch year! Enjoy!

BaselWorld 2008: Trends

April 7, 2008

Today was my first day at the trade show and I wrote a post about the following brands on

– Rado
– Longines
– TAG Heuer
– Ace Watches
– U-boat
– Welder

Usually when you have walked around for a couple of hours on the fair, you get a sense if it is a slow year, a year of line extensions or a revolutionary year. The year 2008 seems as a year of line extensions and as I call it, a period of consolidation. The brands are consolidating their successes. The successes of the last decade are prolonged and these are the trends for 2008 in my opinion:

1. Diamonded watches for ladies AND men are STILL hot:

Corum Diamond Watch (for men)

Corum Diamond-Ruby Watch (for Ladies)

Patek Nautilus
Patek Philippe Nautilus Full Diamonds (men or women)

Longines Conquest
Even Longines has jeweled watches and this is a special piece where the side of the lunette/bezel is set.

2. Big is still the trends, we thought that 46mm is large, well:

Longines HydroConquest
Longines made the HydroConquest in 47,5mm, see the differecen compared to my fathers 46mm IWC Big Pilot.

Welder K29
Welder made another watch 55mm with 3 time zones

3. Black cases are still very trendy, black PVD on steel or titanium or ceramic:

Tag Heuer Grande Carrera
TAG Heuer Grande Carrera RS2 Limited Edition

Master of Ceramic: Rado!

U-boat makes black watches with black PVD on steel, titanium or complete ceramic cases.

4. Pink Gold is here to stay (it was in the 1920s and the 1950s):

Tag Heuer Grande Carrera
TAG Heuer Grande Carrera Limited Edition

Patek Philippe World Timer

Longines L990
Longines L990 Manufacture Limited Edition

5. HiMech = HiTech Mechanical Watches:

Chopard Chrono

Blancpain is the only one with a real watchmaker on the fair

Patek Philippe Advanced Research Lab was the first to create a silicium escapement!


Nick Hayek Jr.

Tomorrow more news…