BaselWorld 2009 Update: Snapshots Omega, Graham, Oris, Hamilton, TAG Heuer, etc


It was another amazing day, filled with watches. We visited Halls 1, 3 and 4 today. The day started at Ebel revising the watches dedicated to soccer:

Ebel Limited Edition AFC AJAX (150 pcs)

Ebel Real Madrid Tekton (Bezel is made of sapphire glass, instead or rubber).

Going from soccer into another sport, Graham dedicated its passion for racing:

Graham GMT Flyback Chrono Racing

What do you think of the infamous ChronoFighter models by Graham?

Graham ChronoFighter

Graham ChronoFighter

Graham ChronoFighter

Not only Graham loves racing, the brand that has the most racing DNA of all, is Heuer! I already wrote that I feel it is a year of ‘going back to the basics’. They also went back to their roots and honoured the 40th anniversary of the Heuer Monoca:

A replica of the first Monaco, they kept it as close as possible to the original ‘Heuer Monaco 1969’. What I really liked is that they used the old Heuer logo and not the most recent TAG Heuer logo on the dial, case back and folding clasp.

Back-side of Heuer Monaco 1969 re-edition (original calibre 11).

Modern interpetation of the TAG Heuer Monaco, available from summer 2009!

TAG Heuer Grande Carrera Calibre 36

Yesterday we did not have time to finish our meeting at Hamilton and went back today. This color really cought my eye:

New Hamilton ETO in unique colour: GunGrey!

New Hamilton strap: Leather or rubber? Yes… It is a rubber strap with a alligator print! Cool, no?!

Modern (?!) interpetation of classic Pilots watches…

Talking about re-editions and vintage models, one of the most legendary diving watches in the Omega collection is the Seamaster PloProf:

Omega Ploprof 2009

Sideview of the Omega PloProf

Omega Seamaster PloProf on my wrist (sorry for the blurry image).

With a matching folding clasp!

Going from legendary diving watch, to a very interesting diving watch made by Oris. The talking piece of Oris in 51mm (who says big is over?!):

New Oris Diver Chrono 1000m with VERY special bezel…

Oris Diver 2009: You have to lift the outer bezel vertically and only then can you spin the CERAMIC diving bezel. The chrono is 100 bar waterproof.

Tomorrow is my last day in Basel… Already bugged out that I will not have time to see everything that I planned on seeing… One week of Watch Magic is simply NOT enough :s


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10 Responses to “BaselWorld 2009 Update: Snapshots Omega, Graham, Oris, Hamilton, TAG Heuer, etc”

  1. David Camba Says:

    This is just to give a little precision. Graham has never been active in the Soccer field, but is official Timekeeper of the 6 nations RUGBY tournament, as well as the Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man (Motor bikes).

    Kind regards and thanks for your nice words on your site.

    David Camba
    VP Marketing Graham

  2. Taylor Smith Says:

    Im very surprised with the New Oris Diver Chrono and the new TAG Heuer Monaco but my style is much more modern. The Hublot is a gorgeous brand and is very reliable to never break.

  3. Susan John Says:

    I’m in total agreement with Taylor Smith. Hublot is ultimate in terms of both style and durability.

  4. watches Says:

    the oris looks stuning

  5. Ann Says:

    Grehan watches this year are really impressive. The design is very manly. Look like really durable sportive watches.

  6. Alan Says:

    Are there any high end watch financing websites??

  7. BaselWorld 2009 Update: Snapshots Omega, Graham, Oris, Hamilton, TAG Heuer, etc | actualité et guide shopping des montres de marques Says:

    […] Ceci est l’extrait d’un article publié sur “WatchFreaks” Lire cet article en intégralité sur ce site. […]

  8. SwissWatches Says:

    A lot of these watches are beautiful.

  9. Opulent Jewelry & Fine Watches Says:

    Very nice collection…….!!!!!

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