Ace Jewelers goes Shopping Cart


Ace Jewelers in Amsterdam is going shopping cart. So, what’s special about that? Some [smaller] independent brands even sell watches via their own website. True. However, Ace Jewelers is an authorized dealer of big brands, like [for example] Baume et Mercier, Breitling, Ebel, IWC, Longines, Omega and TAG Heuer.

Authorized dealers are of course permitted [by the watch manufacturers] to have their own website, but selling these watches via their webshop is quite unique. By doing this, an authorized dealer like Ace Jewelers is – finally – able to compete in a fair manner with the online watchstores that offer watches via the grey channels.

The added value to customers is that you are also able to visit the ‘brick and mortar’-store to pick-up the watch or to get good after sales service if necessary, without the hassle of sending your precious watch by mail.

Another great selling point of Ace Jewelers is that they offer an incredible extent of information about their products. Some product pages even includes videos of the watch!

When ordering a watch, you can select to have it send to you by mail or to pick it up in their store in Amsterdam. Payments are accepted through the well known credit card companies, iDEAL (a safe Dutch online payment system that works with most of the Dutch banks), bank transfer, cash on delivery and of course by ATM in the Ace store if you choose to pick up your watch yourself.

A safe way to buy your wrist watch online, from an authorized dealer. Besides this, the website offers great functionality for comparing wristwatches, ordering watch accessories (watch boxes, leather [watch manufacturer] straps, etc.) and all watch manuals are on-line accessible in PDF format.

I hope that IWC, Omega and the other aforementioned brands support this initiative by Ace Jewelers. I believe that customers want to be able to do an online queste before they go out to the shops and buy a watch, and finding an authorized dealer with a professional on-line frontend application is helping them tremendously in the web of online watch dealers.

In my opinion, this is the only way to go for these established brands to keep up with the ever growing needs [for information] of the modern customer.



4 Responses to “Ace Jewelers goes Shopping Cart”

  1. ShoppingCartExpert Says:

    nice looking and flashy site. it does take time to load here in the US and I dont really like the two country/language clicks before seeing the site. but its great to see the high end market, including nice watch companies taking on web ecommerce more and more.

  2. alonbj Says:

    @RJ: Thank you for your opinion.

    @ShoppingCartExpert: Thank you for your feedback. Ace designed the website for an international audience and soon (within 6 to 12 months) more languages will follow. The Swiss Watch Industry is slowly waking up. For anyone active in the luxury industry and an interest in eCommerce, please visit: – the official website of International Luxury Ecommerce Association.

  3. Sameiro Says:

    First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

  4. jerryu crown Says:

    Dear Sir
    lam jerry crown ,lam interested for the purchase of your jeweries ,,.watches these will be supplied to various companies in west africa.. .
    contract value $68,million dollars
    conditions of payment FOB
    conditions of supply bit by bit
    kindly get back to me
    jerry crown

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