SIHH 2009 Trade Show Review


Yesterday, I visited the 19th Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in Geneva, Switzerland. Two days ago we already posted a preview and hereby we want to present the snap shots I took. FYI: The next SIHH will again be in January.

This year the following brands were present at the SIHH:

+  Richemont brands:
– Cartier
– A. Lange & Sohne
– Jaeger –LeCoultre
– Mont Blanc
– Panerai
– Vacheron Constantin
– Van Cleef & Arpels
– Dunhill
– Baume & Mercier
– Piaget
– Ralph Lauren

+ Independent brands
– Audermars Piguet
– Girard Perregaux
– Jean Richard
– Parmigiani
– Roger Dubuis

Hereby a review of the fair with some snap shops. In advance I want to apologize for the poor quality of the photographs, this had two reasons: some window cases & the lighting were very poor and we were in huge rush.

The overall conclusion is that there are not spectacular novelties, most brands restyled a family, presented a new movement, but it still is mostly line extensions. The trends of previous years are contined: Black cases, Big is still the benchmark, Bling is NOT dead and pink gold is still leading in the precious metals followed by Platinum. The buzz on the fair was the new kid on the block: Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren
The Ralph Lauren Watch & Jewelry Company did not present any watches on display, but solely by appointment. Hereby an impression of their window, presenting a ladies watch:

And, this is an impression of the Men’s collection of Ralph Lauren:

The brand from Schaffhausen restyled their Aquatimer collection and therefore their complete stand was like an underwater experience.

Fans of the Deep One finally can add a brother to their cult watch, the Deep Two:

Cousteau is history and IWC is sponsoring the Galapagos Foundation and therefore made an unique black Aquatimer with a Rubber coating:

IWC also ‘borrowed’ a patent strap exchange system from sister-company Cartier… For more info, please stay tuned.

Baume & Mercier
The ‘elegant’ watch company from Geneva did not launch many novelties this year, besides four magnificent William Baume Limited Editions, this is a watch we found striking:

Audemars Piguet
Flying in to Geneva I was reading my morning paper, IHT, and the newest AP model immediately coought my attention (yes, it reminds me too of a Breguet). Unfortunately, the watch was not on disply. Therefore, I want to share the following image with you that confirms two trends (black & big):

Vacheron Constantin
Since 1755 Vacheron Constantin keeps on innovating. Apparently the vintage fashion did not pass and therefore VC re-introduced a watch they manufactured in 1921 (my sincere apologies for the terrible picture):

Like IWC, does Jaeger-LeCoultre manufacture amazing divers watches. This year JLC focuses on the novelties in the Compressor series, but I like this model better:

Ferrari by Panerai
Panerai took the term “Ferrari Red” very litteraly:

Is Cartier the King of Bling? Or did they just manufacture this watch for the new First Lady, Michelle Obama?

GP little brother is growing up, it is now catering women who want it all, bling & tourbillon:

Mont Blanc
Minerva has been bought by Richemont/Mont Blanc a couple of years ago and they are making spectacular new movements:

I wish that Dunhill would make these keys again:

The Italian brand had a lot of news, but they did not present the prototypes in the showcases, but don’t we all love the watch presented horizontally?!

Roger Dubuis
We listed this brand as an independent brand, but this is since last year not completely true anymore. Richemont took a big stake in this innovative and young company. I loved the sight of this watch movement:

A. Lange & Sohne
The German Manufacture, A. Lange & Sohne, seems to learn from their colleague, PP… Patek recently presented classical moon phases watches (originally for men) in ‘bling’ versions for ladies… At AL&S, they have must thought the same:

The manufacture Piaget presented this watch during the Salon, but unfortunately I did not have time to visit the stand to ask them watch functions this watch/case lid had… Maybe one of our visitors can? I does look coo, doesn’t it?

Basically, my visit to this year’s SIHH was great fun as usual. It seemed a lot let busy. At first impression it seemed that the brands did not have much to present this year (they did only have 8 months since the last SIHH), but when you analyze it… They did develop quite a bit in these last 8 months! On top of that, I expected that the brands would be a bit more… What’s the word… ‘modest’?! The first indication of the current crisis did present itself already in April 2008… But, on the contrary… Bling was still alive and kickin’! Maybe a nice subject for the next post 😉


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23 Responses to “SIHH 2009 Trade Show Review”

  1. Robert-Jan Says:

    Great report Alon!!!

    Interesting B&M, looks great. I still don’t know about the IWC Aquatimer though

  2. SAMMY A Says:

    Ok, sorry to burst any bubbles, but while you’re all ogling dream watches the way Bill Clinton checked out the girl’s volleyball team when he spoke at Harvard, I’d like to bring some of you out there back to reality and ask if anyone out there has ever come across watches by a company called Stuhrling? Thanks to Google,I’ve seen their stuff on Amazon & Shop NBC and a couple of other places and their watches for the most part look cool and are pretty much priced right (I’m tired of dream watches, dream cars, dream audio systems–i want to wake up owning stuff!) Then, a few days back, a buddy of mine who is covering “luxury items for the new economy” sent me a bunch of pictures that he got from a friend who works as a jewelry/watch buyer for a “not to me named” retailer/website, and after not being able to find THESE particular Stuhrlings anywhere on line, I found myself chasing my buddy down for answers to questions like; Are they only for overseas markets, where they seem to appreciate mechanical watches more? (Hey it works for other brands) Or are they prototypes created to dangle in front of people like me? I’m the kind of solid citizen who has been around too many blocks to cough up an extra $300, $400, $500 or more just because Tiger Woods or James Bond (!) is wearing the same watch I want(cough up a Bond Girl, then we’ll talk!). I’m not a “Wal Mart” shopper (batteries and subdry items aside), but I have an apartment full of everything from clothes to audio components to most recently watches that tell me “Just because you don’t know about it,you pretentious member of the media it doesn’t mean its not a name” My point? I’ve uploaded the watches to this link:

    Now I need a fellow solid citizen to point me in the direction of someplace that sells ’em–or WILL sell ’em. I don’t think I violated anything by posting ’em, as my buddy knows I’m a bit on the obsessive side…so once again, my apologies to all you beautiful trust fund types whose self esteem is directly linked to whats on your wrist, in your garage and in your closet–I mean you no disrespect…but while we’re on the subject, feel free to check out the link I enclosed and tell me why you wouldn’t wear any of those watches. Better yet, tell me where (and if need be when) I can find them. I’m due for a new watch.Also,as I plan to be posting this on other watch sites, my apologies in advance for the Deja Vu (I told you I was more than a bit obsessive)

  3. alonbj Says:

    @RJ: Thank you. The B&M watch looks really nice, I am still hesitating if I like the classical Roman numerals on such a contemporary watch. But then again, maybe that is cool… After seeing the first images, I did not like the IWC Aquatimers, but after having them in my hands and on my wrist… I must say, they are rather nice… Maybe it is also a matter of adjusting… The current Aquatimers and the GST watche where very sleek…

    @Sammy: WOW! You are full of energy 🙂 Here on WFB the last thing we want to do, is judge the lovers and wearers of nice timepieces, so therefore please do not be so judgmental. Let’s be respectful to eachother…

    I do want to thank you for sharing something new with us. Personally I have never heard of Stuhrling Watches and it is always great to learn that there is a new brand out there. I had a look at the link you posted and the watches look interesting. What I am wondering though…

    You write you are tired of dream watches… Why would you buy a watch of a unknown brand that makes watches that are heavily inspired by those brands you resent? Why not wear a watch of a brand with it’s own identity and unique design? Personally I have great passion for watches and especially their innovation and technique. But, I also truly love Swatch. They are unique and innovative, but certainly do not cost much… So, I am wondering why you do not own a Swatch? I does fit your profile, doesn’t it?

  4. Asaam Fazli Says:

    Wow I Like This Watch.It looks very cute. Can any one tell me a reliable place where I could buy this watch???, please…

  5. Ajmaal Says:

    Hi Azaam,

    Here is a good place to buy this Piaget watch. I bought it for my dad too.

  6. Simon Kuruppu Says:

    The Piaget watch @ the end is cool & fine features. well Im not an expert in watches but I got 2 say that this one is damn special… I like it.

    Btw, there is a watch I am planning to buy @ the end of this month for my Big brother… the Concord Mens Impresario Triple Date Chronograph. It looks rich & its a good choice too… can you give me any advice on it?


  7. Watch Naatambe Says:

    Guys, Can anyone tell me a specialty featured in Concord watches? I like its models… naming the New Concord C1 Chrono.

    I am about to replace my old timepiece with something new, posh, worth & long lasting. any suggestions?

  8. Ajmaal Firdowzi Says:

    Its a excellent report Alon. Loads of information I gathered. keep it up…


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