The Driver’s Watch: Quick Overview of Watch-Car Collaborations


What is it with watches and cars? I guess a few obvious common grounds can easily be pinpointed: engineering, performance, prestige, design and status.

In that respect, it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of watch brands and models that are in a certain way associated with historic or modern day motoring and racing events, F1 teams or drivers. But more interestingly, in my view, are the (more than a few) examples of watch and car manufacturers that have really linked their brand names to one another.

The best-known example is probably the collaboration between Bentley and Breitling. The so-called Breitling for Bentley models (no less than 13 of them currently listed on the official website) cleverly incorporate design elements from the cars, such as a rubber band reminding of car tires, or a bezel motif inspired by the distinctive Bentley grills.

Another partnership, resulting in some very fine timepieces, is that of Audemars Piguet and Maserati. The AP’s with the Maserati trident emblem are said to be inspired by Maserati engines, dashboards and high-tech materials. As it turns out, the trident looks just as impeccable on the watches as it does on a Maserati grill.

A perhaps somewhat less known car-watch alliance is that of Girard Peregaux and Ferrari. The watches from the ‘Girard Peregaux pour Ferrari’ line bear the staggering horse emblem on their faces. This partnership turned out to be non-exclusive as Ferrari later attached its name to Panerai as well throug the ‘Officine Panerai Engineerd for Ferrari’ range of watches.

Among all of the above power collaborations Mercedes Benz, of course, did not just sit still and has entered into its own partnership with Tag Heuer. Initially, this partnership resulted in the SLR Chronograph only available to the happy few that can call themselves owner of a McLaren SLR. Subsequently, Tag Heuer introduced another product as part of their partnership with Mercedes Benz simply named Tag Heuer SLR. This watch was more affordable than its bigger brother, but its availability remained rather limited as there were only 3,500 pieces of them ever manufactured.

Like the Ferrari partnerships described above, the Mercedes Benz partnership with Tag Heuer wasn’t an exclusive one either: enter the AMG version of the IWC Ingenieur. An interesting fact is that, unlike watches from the other partnerships, the Ingenieur AMG does not sport a Mercedes Benz or AMG logo on its face. Instead, there is an AMG engraving on the back cover – beautifully discrete.

Perhaps you noticed that another very interesting watch-car collaboration has not been mentioned yet in this overview: that of Jaeger Lecoultre and Aston Martin. The so called AMVOX models are yet another highly desirable result of watch-car partnerships. The most recent fruit of this partnership is the AMVOX2 DBS Transponder. Apart from the design and engineering elements you would expect from such a collaboration, the AMVOX2 DBS Transponder has a very cool gadget incorporated as well: the car can be locked and unlocked by simply tapping on the sapphire crystal of the watch. And yes, you guessed it, this watch is exclusive to Aston Martin DBS owners.

If you’ve been reading the above drooling away as I have been writing it, ask yourself: what IS it with watches and cars? 😉

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13 Responses to “The Driver’s Watch: Quick Overview of Watch-Car Collaborations”

  1. Speedmaster Says:

    I love the recent JLC products.

  2. alonbj Says:

    @Cliff: LOL! Thanks for a great post. It is simply: It is Boys with Toys. Watches and Cars are indeed great pieces of engineering, design and often status.

    I want to add to this list, although less spectacular: Frederique Constant & Austin Healey.

    It surprised me that Audi didn’t start a partnership… Maybe because they have their own ‘design’ watches.

    Maybe the next post can be about: F1 & watches 😉

  3. robertjanbroer Says:


    Audi watches are made by Sinn. Also, Sinn created a special for Mazda in 2007.


    Great article. It is all about mechanics and engineering 🙂

    What about the onboard clock in Maserati (done by Cartier, at least in the Maserati Ghiblis) or the Chronoswiss connection with the Spyker cars? I think there are some more..

    Another interesting topic (often initiated on watch forums) is the car-watch analogy. Rolex = Mercedes, Omega = Saab, Patek = Rolls Royce etc. I wonder where all the haute horlogerie brands will fit in… custom cars? 🙂


  4. cliffchan Says:

    @ Speedmaster: that makes two of us 😉

    @Alon and RJ: I didn’t intend (nor do I have the knowledge ;-)) to provide an exhaustive overview, thanks for the additions!

  5. robertjan.broer Says:

    Another addition is the AMG IWC connection 😉 I just read that the platinum Big Ingenieur is also an AMG edition. Never knew that.


  6. cliffchan Says:

    RJ, I like the fact that I got you started looking for car-watch partnerships all over the internet 😉

    And you may have overlooked it, but I did actually mention the AMG IWC connection in this post.

  7. Alon Says:

    @RJ: I didn’t know that…. But then again, not to crazy about AMG and I believe a Ingenieur should be stainless steel 😉

    @Cliff: RJ needs a vacation, that’s why he is not as sharp as usual 😉

  8. Magnus Says:

    Another partnership worth mentioning here is that between Bugatti and Parmigiani. It looks nice in the Veyron.

  9. Alon Says:

    @Magnus: Good one!

  10. Alon Says:

    Nice article about Cars & Watches by our own WF editor Robert-Jan Broer of

  11. Chotovelli Says:

    Watches and cars just go so well together. Nothing better in life than driving an Italian exotic car while wearing a fine timepeice.

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