Are you a WatchFreak too? WFB Team keeps on growing


I never imagined, when I started this blog, that on the one hand blogging can be so much fun, and on the other hand I never expected to have so much feedback.

The Blogger

I got my friend Cliff (a great WatchFreak) blogging not so long ago and recently I asked him to contribute to this site. At first he was hesitating and being (truly) modest that he wasn’t such a great WatchFreak as I claimed and not a great writer. About the writing, check for yourself on his blog.

The Author

On top of that the chief editor of Horloges Magazine, Lex Stolk, has left the art of writing about timepieces for magazines and turn his carreer on to another path. But luckily for us, he promised to stay on as an author for WatchFreaks Blog. Of course the new chief editor of WatchWorld Magazine and Horloges Magazine, will stay on board of the team of authors of WatchFreaks Blog.


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4 Responses to “Are you a WatchFreak too? WFB Team keeps on growing”

  1. cliffchan Says:

    Many thanks for the introduction Alon. I’m looking forward to posting my first contribution to this blog!

  2. alonbj Says:

    @Cliff: Welcome aboard! We are looking forward to your posts.

  3. Robert-Jan Says:


    Welcome aboard! If things go well we should have a WatchFreaksBlog meeting 😉


  4. alonbj Says:

    @RJ: Good idea to have a WFB Meeting!

    @All: Just heared from Lex that he became the chief editor of 00/24 Watch Magazine. CONGRATULATIONS. In respect for his former employer, he decided to quit his ‘young’ carreer as a WFB author and stay a huge WFB fan.

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