Update BaselWorld 2008: Fashion


Today was my fourth day in Basel and my last day on the fair. The day was completely filled with meetings with jewelry manufacturars and we ended the day with the finalization of the packaging of the Ace Watch (for updates, keep track of http://www.aceblog.info). Before we started in Hall 2.0, we did a quick round in Hall 5.0 to see what is happening in the Fashion sector of the watch industry. In this post I will show some pictures of the booths (maybe fun to see if you never have visited BaselWorld) and in the second part some fashion watches (we wrote an article about what watches should or shouldn’t be labeled as fashion: “Couture Watches vs. Fashion Watches“. In this post I name the watches that are designed by fashion houses and produced for the price range that people should wear them as fashion accessories (buy a new one every year), fashion watches.

1. Fashion Booths in Hall 5.0:

In my opinion the most successful stand in Basel is the one of Patek Philippe, but if we look at the stands of fashion watches, the stand of D&G won by far (in my opinion):

D&G: One moment the stand is completely blue-ish…

The next moment the complete stand is red!

Guess believes sex sells…

And Breil doesn’t (anymore… Remember the commercials?!)

Dior thinks: J’adore Montres!

Hermes is understated elegance.

Ferregamo started making watches too…

… And, Moschino finds itself “Cheap & Chic”!

2. Fashion watches presented in Hall 5.0:



Sector: Is it a fashion brand?! (Sorry for the bad picture & reflection).

Valentino: Like Gucci made a complete black watch for ladies!

Tomorrow I am off to Geneva to visit the SIHH. Stay tuned for a report of all the Richemont brands plus AP, GP and Parmigiani.


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4 Responses to “Update BaselWorld 2008: Fashion”

  1. Robert-Jan Says:

    I believe Guess is right. I also believe that Ferregamo should stick to making shoes.



  2. alonbj Says:

    @RJ: Hahaha! RJ, don’t you know looks are skin deep :p Ferregama indeed makes very nice shoes 😉

  3. Deepeshgoswami’s Weblog Says:

    […] Update BaselWorld 2008: Fashion — 2 comments […]

  4. תכשיטי יוקרה Says:

    Great stuff,
    Thanks for sharing.

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